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    Tips To Decreasing 5-10-5 Agility Shuttle Time


    Tips To Decreasing 5-10-5 Agility Shuttle Time

    The 5-10-5 agility shuttle is the staple for finding out how quick an athlete is simply because it defines the word agility to its exact science. The ability to accelerate, decelerate, stop, and reaccelerate without losing balance is basically all summed up in this one drill. But how can we do all of this in a matter of the fastest time possible? Simple. Just as you are trying to get your Olympic lifts more explosive and your 40 yard dash time faster, you must have an increased attention and emphasis on technique in this drill. A drill like the 5-10-5 agility shuttle is a little difficult to teach the techniques to an athlete, especially at a slow motion pace, because balance is the key to changing direction, and losing balance during an explanation will happen. Usually filming your athlete and then showing them their errors in slow motion is the best way to coach this drill.

    Most athletes, especially at a young age or some with poor training, have poor core strength and balance. This is key to changing direction (agility). Aside from doing a whole bunch of drills that have your athletes going from one cone to the next, focus on the 5-10-5 drill and it’s technique to get the times you want in your athletes in that specific drill. Example, if you want to get your bench press stronger, you won’t shy away from the bench press, you will do the bench press exercise and other exercises that involve the muscle groups that are used in the bench press to get you stronger for bench press. (IT IS AS SIMPLE AS IT GETS!)

    The 5-10-5 drill involves a 5 yard side run, a 10 yard sprint, and a 5 yard sprint at the end. In order to get your athletes times down in this drill, your focal points should be keyed on the way the body moves in this drill. Here are some techniques that are helpful for the 5-10-5:

    1 Stay low
    2 Lower center of gravity/hips at the line
    3 Lean inside, plant outside
    4 First 5 yards = 3 steps, 10 yards = 5-6 steps, 5 yards = 2-3 steps

    Remember, the 5-10-5 is a short quick burst of sprints, so any drills that you include in your training should not exceed anything over 10 yards. What I love to do, is to set up cone drills inside of 5 or 10 yards and have my athletes move in the same pattern as they would in the 5-10-5. Here are 3 of my favorite drills that have worked for my athletes on a consistent basis, time after time:

    1 Sprint to decelerations (5 and 10 yards)
    2 L drill
    3 X drill

    The L drill, is an NFL combine drill that also tests for agility. This is also another drill that is complex and needs a set of skill to be learned to be ran at a high intensity. This drill works because it mimics the sprint/deceleration and hand touching of the line, and also has the short quick burst as the 5-10-5

    The X drill is another one of my favorite and is a drill that I run everytime I train for agility. It is a 5 by 5 yard box that has athletes sprint up/across/up/across. This is a perfect drill because it gets your athletes to lower their hips and reach for the cone that they are running to, and also has them lean on one leg and plant on the other, the same way you would in the 5-10-5. So their body position in this drill will have them in the same body positions as the 5-10-5 will when they are touching the line.

    Balance is also another part in the 5-10-5 drill. Training balance is as easy as having your athletes hoping on one leg to jumping over hurdles on one leg and also doing ladder drills on one leg. So balance drills can be whatever you would like them to be as long as your athletes are comforable doing them and not hurting. Know your athletes' strengths and weaknesses!

    Also, an increase in athletic core strength is key. Doing weight training standing up will increase one's core strength in itself, so that the athlete's core will stabilize the spine during a movement. Also adding ab exercises will also help.

    Remember thinking outside the box is good, but once you are too much outside the box then your athletes will be out of success.

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      Posted by admin on Saturday, August 19 @ 23:22:03 EDT (881 reads)

    W. Oregon Sara Tucholsky first HR - ultimate sportsmanship



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      Posted by admin on Sunday, July 09 @ 20:05:31 EDT (489 reads)

    Yoga Pose of the Day: Boat Pose

    By Mandy Ingber

    Boat Pose (Navasana)

    Benefits: Strengthens your abdominal muscles, and your sense of self and willpower. Builds up your core strength.

    Sit up with the soles of your feet flat on the floor. Hook your hands behind your hamstrings and lean back slowly until you are balancing up on your sit bones. Lift your feet off of the ground and, with bent knees, raise your feet up, so they are aligned with your knees. Press your lower back in and extend your chest up to the sky. Release your hands from behind your hamstrings and reach your arms out in front of you, palms facing together. Make sure you keep pressing your shoulders down, pressing your lower back in and extending your heart up. Hold the pose for 5 breaths. Advanced practitioners can extend their legs straight, making a “V” shape.

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      Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 22 @ 12:24:25 EST (598 reads)

      Inspiration SOURCE

    Positive Performance

    By Lindsey Wilson

    Developed by the professionals at Positive Performance, the BRAVR™ Method is an easy, five-minute, five-step solution to getting athletes in the right mental space to achieve top performance. The five steps create the BRAVR™ acronym: Breathe, Release, Affirmation, Visualization, and Reset word.

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      Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 22 @ 10:32:21 EST (443 reads)

    Why you MUST definitely pay attention to your strength and conditioning

    Softball Performance

    By Marc Dagenais, MHK, CSCS, ChPC Softball's Top Strength & Conditioning Coach

    You will...

    (1) Pitch faster and throw harder
    (2) Swing the bat harder and hit the ball further
    (3) Steal more bases
    (4) Get better jumps off the bases
    (5) Explode out of the batter's box
    (6) Run down more balls in the field
    (7) Reach, stretch and get more of those "oh-so-close" balls
    (8) React faster
    (9) Have more stamina for long games and tournaments
    (10) Stay healthy and avoid injuries
    (11) Tolerate heat better and perform when it's really hot
    (12) Practice longer without being tired or losing your focus
    (13) Be much more consistent and have less "ups and downs"
    (14) Get it faster when learning or refining a skill because of increased body awareness
    (15) Be much more confident and feel stronger
    (16) Be mentally tougher
    (17) Get more extra bases when running
    (18) Develop an athletic body
    (19) Recover faster between innings and games
    (20) Be more dominant in all aspects of the game

    Don't you think it's time to be much more serious about your conditioning and train like the best players in the world do?

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      Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 21 @ 07:49:09 EST (432 reads)

    The #1 Most "Controversial" Legal Drug In Softball
    SOURCE an email from Ben Baker with

    American Coaching Academy

    Hey Coach,

    Last year a team of professional nutrition specialists at the U.S. Olympic Committee went on a mission to separate fact from fiction.

    They focused on some of the most important topics in sports nutrition and peak performance.

    One drug in particular got a lot of attention...

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      Posted by admin on Monday, February 13 @ 13:57:05 EST (370 reads)

    Say Good-Bye to Your Love Handles

    If you're not in love with your muffin top, use this easy guide to amp up your cardio to burn those fat pockets and sculpt the muscles that lie beneath.


    By Madeline R. Vann, MPH Medically Reviewed by Niya Jones, MD, MPH

    They’re called cutesy names such as muffin tops and love handles, but let’s face it, no one loves the roll of flab that pops over the waistband of your jeans and ruins the sleek line of fitness clothes, clingy sweaters, and tailored shirts.

    “Love handles are one of the most common reasons people exercise and hire a personal trainer,” observes certified trainer Jason Keigher CSCS, CPT, who works with clients in New York City. It’s often after an ab workout consisting of thousands of crunches that frustration finally leads people to get help from a fitness pro.

    “Most people think that doing crunches will get rid of love handles, but they are misinformed,” Keigher says. When done properly, crunches do tone muscles, but the problem is, love handles don’t contain an ounce of muscle. They're fat, and to burn fat you need a healthy diet and a rigorous cardiovascular program, he explains.

    Work your body correctly, and you will certainly see results, says Sylvia Nasser, a certified personal trainer on Long Island, N.Y. Read on to learn how to trim the fat.

    Getting Rid of Love Handles: Your Strategy

    Nasser recommends...

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      Posted by admin on Sunday, February 12 @ 17:16:34 EST (487 reads)

    6 Superfoods You Should Be Eating Today… And Why
    FROM EVERYDAY HEALTH BY contributor Bonnie Taub-Dix, RDN

    By Bonnie Taub-Dix, RDN

    Although I’m a bit obsessed with following trends, basically I’m a traditional gal. When it comes to choosing powerhouse foods to feed my family, I’m not looking for something that will be hot on the plate today and passé tomorrow; I want foods I can count on every day. Many health professionals have their own lists of the foods they believe to have the most healing powers, and if you put each list side-by-side, some foods would even overlap. For the most part, there are certain foods that truly stand out from the rest.

    Those are the foods that are superfoods; healthy picks that are packed with...

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      Posted by admin on Sunday, February 12 @ 16:27:25 EST (494 reads)

    6 Fantastic Health Benefits of Apples

    By Barbara H. Seeber

    Sweet but with a lemony finish. Crisp, tangy to the point of tartness. Spicy and fragrant. No, we’re not discussing the merits of fine wines. We’re talking apples!

    October is National Apple Month, the time to celebrate the glory of the fruit, as the nation has been doing since 1904 when National Apple Week was born. In 1996, October became National Apple Month.

    Domesticated some four thousand years ago in the fruity forests of what is now Kazakhstan, apples became a part of the human diet a long time ago. With flavors shaped by their respective climates — the shorter the growing season the tarter the fruit — apples have been grown across the United States for centuries. But not until the last few decades, starting in the 1980s, have apple breeders offered such a variety and explosion of flavors: Fuji, Gala, Pink Lady, Honeycrisp, SweeTango, and many more. Remember when there were only a few like Red Delicious or Golden Delicious or McIntosh to be found in grocery stores?

    But the history and diversity of apples is not the only thing to celebrate. Apples also can be credited with...

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      Posted by admin on Sunday, February 12 @ 12:00:31 EST (498 reads)

      Fitness A great softball players needs a strong group of core muscles. These muscles are used in every aspect of the game for a player. The core muscles are the muscle in and around the belly button.

    The following video is a simple 10 minute series of core exercises. Do them every day until there seems to be no challenge from them. Once you reach that point, you still need to keep focus on your core muscles but with different exercises and more of an every other day routine.

    Enjoy 10 Min Abs Workout -- At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

    For more suggested Strength and Conditioning videos click here

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      Posted by admin on Sunday, January 29 @ 12:50:23 EST (388 reads)

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